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EMD INFOTECH Ltd. offers a powerful personnel management and CV collection software. It is the ultimate tool for businesses seeking easy and efficient personnel management. The platform includes three key areas:
A) CV collection and evaluation,
B) Registration and management of existing personnel, and
C) Evaluation of existing personnel. Discover the comprehensive features of our software @EmbiOne HR.



EMD INFOTECH Ltd offers the renowned questionnaire tool. It can be used in various formats, including email, QR code, and kiosk, among others. GooQuest serves as a versatile tool for surveys, democratic processes, and electoral purposes.


EMD Loyalty Club Advanced

To create a genuine Loyalty Club, experience and knowledge are essential. EMD INFOTECH Ltd. has developed its software, EMD Loyalty Club Advanced, under real conditions, operating successfully in major hotel chains today. Loyalty Club Advanced is an intelligent software that assists businesses in building the customer base they need to cultivate strong professional relationships and acquire repeat and loyal customers.



The need for hotels and tourism businesses to share visual content, such as photos, videos, brochures, and corporate logos, with numerous travel agencies and professionals worldwide, while also protecting their intellectual property, has made it crucial to develop a media management tool. EMD INFOTECH Ltd., in collaboration with EMD MEDIA LIBRARY, provides the solution for efficiently managing media assets.



EMD INFOTECH Ltd. understands the importance of providing exceptional customer support. It can greatly influence the growth and success of a company. That’s why we have developed an innovative tool to effectively address and resolve customer issues. With our advanced system, all customer requests are promptly recorded and thoroughly managed, ensuring that no query gets overlooked. Trust EMD HELP DESK to deliver the support you need.



EMD INFOTECH Ltd. offers a secure and efficient solution for storing and sharing your valuable documents both within and outside your company. Our software is installed on a separate server for each client, ensuring complete encryption and allowing you to grant access only to those individuals you choose. With our system, you can create folders, upload multiple files, rename files and folders, and send files without burdening your email with oversized attachments. Experience the ease and convenience of managing your documents with EMD INFOTECH Ltd.



If you want to provide your website visitors with the ability to communicate with you directly, then EMD ONLINE HELP DESK is the software you need. This software can be integrated into your website and can function live. Visitors can engage in immediate chat conversations with you to inquire about your services and products. EMD ONLINE HELP DESK even operates when you are offline, keeping track of communication and automatically responding to visitors with pre-defined answers. When you are back online, the system notifies you.

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