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EMD has developed, in real terms, a remarkable tool that can be used by any business and create a reliable and unique Loyalty Club.
A Loyalty Club cannot be a simple software that counts points and gives “prizes”; it must be a “smart” software that can work for the benefit of the company and at the same time have happy members.
EMD software adapts easily and works even in difficult conditions.
Creates administrator levels for greater security and member categories.

The development of EMD software continues after 15 years of development and will continue as technology evolves.
The difficult conditions in which it was developed leave no doubt that EMD Loyalty Club software is a dynamic tool.
Today it operates in large hotel and tourism companies with great success.

EMD Loyalty Club is also suitable for companies with branches, such as Hotels Management or Franchise.
Through the management platform, you can have a complete image of how all the branches and their members work.

EMD Loyalty Club
the Real Best Seller

Loyalty Club for large companies

The EMD Loyalty Club is suitable for companies with branches, Hotel Management, orFranchise.
Through the management platform, you can have a complete image of how all the branches and their members work.

Direct communication with Members

You can contact all members at any time.
You have the opportunity to contact the members of the Club you are interested in by choosing a language, branch, category of members, among others. This way you can create actions and promotions for special groups of members.

Member Research

Member management is easy and fast. The administrator can search and find the member or members. He has at his disposal a multitude of tools that make it easier for search.

Why choose EMD Loyalty Club

  • Because it is a reliable tool
  • Because it suitable for small and very large companies
  • Because it was created and tested in real conditions for 15 years
  • Because it can be tailored to your company’s needs
  • Because it has the guarantee and quality of EMD Infotech

For all of the above reasons, EMD Loyalty Club because the EMD Loyalty Club is a real tool, tested in real conditions, and is a step ahead of any potential competitor, it makes it a serious candidate to get it.

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