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File sharing

The EMD MEDIA LIBRARY platform is a professional file sharing tool.
It can archive thousands of files, such as PDF, JPG, PNG, AVI, MP3, MP4, and so on.
The platform environment is completely safe.
It is divided into the management environment and the end-user environment.
It only allows registered users to log in and records all their movements.



It only allows registered users to log in and records all their movements.
Work at its disposal, available, for configuration, for application and updates.
Files can be categorized, not only by type but also by size and resolution. It can also create small accompanying texts with explanations for each file.



The end-user has at his disposal a number of tools that can make it easier for him to locate the file he is looking for.
It can also create its own folder and save the files it wants. It can also select the files and download all selected files.


Ease of communication

The platform offers communication and notification tools, both for the administrator and the end-user.
They can communicate with each other via an internal communication form, and the administrator can send group notifications to all end users.

Technology operation

The Platform EMD MEDIA LIBRARY is Cloud system.
The cost of using the system also includes the use of a cloud that starts with a capacity of 20G.
Your files will be safe and accessible only to those who have permission from you.

EMD media Library

Application Examples

Hotel businesses

Hotel businesses usually need a way to share their photos, brochures, videos, and more. At the same time, they need security in the case of ‘Stolen’ intellectual property.


Companies that represent various, products, have brochures, manuals, photos, videos, advertising material, and so on. So their partners, wherever they are, will be able to get in and find what they need, instantly quickly and safely.

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